Oman National Tourism Strategy,

Sultanate of Oman

Oman National Tourism Strategy

In 2014, THR was in charge of developing a National Tourism Strategy for the Sultanate of Oman, a master plan to guide the development of the tourism strategy for the following 35 years.

THR carried out an extensive site inspection and incorporated the close collaboration of local partners that contributed to the understanding of Oman’s culture and conditions. Then, THR executed an in-depth analysis of the country, a market and positioning analysis, and the identification of Oman’s main tourism attractions by regions.


The result was a well-defined National Tourism Strategy and its implementation plan aimed at:

— Raising awareness and interest in tourism about Oman amongst all stakeholders.

— Empowering stakeholders to consider the opportunities with a value proposition based on authenticity, responsible tourism, quality experiences and yield over volume.

— Enabling Oman to achieve superior financial performance, better quality of life for its local community and generate more attractive investment opportunities.

— Strengthen Oman’s identity and brand by enhancing national culture and heritage.

— In addition, an experiential system was designed, as well as a new operating model and capacity training addressed at high-ranking officials to support the alignment of the organization with the strategy.


Derived from a high satisfaction with the resulting strategy, in 2019 Oman’s Ministry of Tourism also entrusted THR with the assistance in the implementation of the project, planned across four distinct types of services:

— Implementation of the Project Management Unit.

— Preparation of monthly and yearly progress reports to monitor implementation, identify deviations and propose corrective measures to management.

— Educational training to develop the competencies of Ministry of Tourism officials, as well as other relevant managers from public and private organizations, thus facilitating the implementation of the strategy.

— Provision of technical assistance and advisory services for the implementation of initiatives related to planning, marketing, sustainability, tourism product and experiences, investment, human resources, competitiveness, governance, and tourism management information systems.


From 2014 to 2019, tourism arrivals increased by 55%.