Shift the UK’s media strategy, reducing marketing spend on traditional television advertising and re-introducing out-of-home (OOH) advertising to target millennials in London and the South East.



Black Diamond developed an immersive campaign linking with OOH and transvision screens at Waterloo Station with a live link to a model of California on the station concourse.

Black Diamond planned, managed and delivered the OOH campaign, targeting commuters and local millennials across all commuter modes of transport. The JCDecaux inventory covered roadside, bus stops, key railway stations and large format digital displays. Following on the OOH campaign, Visit California had 100% domination of Europe’s largest indoor LED screen Waterloo Motion, to lead up to, and support, a live three-day activation on the concourse in partnership with LA Tourism and British Airways.

The activity preceded the launch of the live experiential campaign in Waterloo station. Live for three days in March 2020 the campaign ‘Minifornia: An Epic Road Trip Experience’ saw a miniature model of the state, built by Hollywood set designers, placed on the concourse for consumers to engage with. The model covered three road trip routes across the state, and pulled out key highlights to inspire visitors. A competition also gave UK consumers the chance to win a trip for two to California, courtesy of British Airways.



— 76,309,448 impressions served

— 6,300 interactions with model

— 864 competition entries in 3 days

— 1,818,929 completed video views

— 35 pieces of coverage

— 61.47 million PR reach