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To promote Chile as an ideal and different destination for honeymooners, through one of the best-known influencers in Spain. The action was developed jointly with NUBA, an exclusive and tailor-made tour operator, to generate direct sales towards the destination as a result of the visibility of the contents of Maria Pombo and Pablo Castellanos in Instagram.



A 3-way collaboration between the Luxury Tour Operator (NUBA) and the Spanish influencer Maria Pombo to promote the destination Chile.

On the occasion of the honeymoon of the influencer and her partner, the also influencer Pablo Castellanos, NUBA and the Chilean National Tourism Service organised a tailor-made trip in which several sub-destinations and experiences of Chile were shown through the eyes of their two protagonists:

— Skiing in Valle Nevado

— Walking the streets of the Chilean capital

— Enjoying the eclipse of the sun that was just happening in the Atacama Desert

— Traveling to the most remote island on the planet: Rapa Nui


Result for the destination:

— Generation of inspirational non-stop content by the influencers during their trip (15 days).

— Outstanding story of your trip in your Instagram “Honeymoon” (2.000 Euros /story) / published 10 post in destination ( 6.000 EUR/post).

— Increase of 3.884 followers until the end of the trip.

— Increase of visits to the website by 202%.

Result for NUBA:

— Increase in web requests by 117%.

— 368 web requests during the days of the trip.

— More than 30 requests on social networks during the days of their trip.