Since 2002, THR has repeatedly been trusted to develop the strategic and operational tourism marketing plan for the government of Croatia, to better structure their marketing actions and successfully achieve the established objectives for sustainable growth and tourism development.


In 2014, THR delivered a plan to further stimulate the tourism industry, providing innovative marketing tools and strategies to increase Croatian attractiveness and competitiveness in an increasingly challenging market. The plan aimed to address three main goals:

— Extend the tourism season

— Attract more tourists to non-coastal areas

— Increase industry profitability and tourist spend


THR’s approach entailed exhaustive market research and stakeholder involvement, including:

— Extensive market research to understand target market segments and customer behaviour and preferences in source markets.

— Focus interviews and surveys to key industry players.

— Over 15 stakeholder meetings and workshops with ministries, industry leaders and opinion leaders.


As a result, the plan not only helped the CNTB set market priorities – target segments and priority source markets – to optimize marketing efforts, but as well established an optimal positioning strategy and value proposition, resulting in a detailed branding and communication plan with actionable strategies.

Additionally, a specific set of implementable initiatives were designed to reach the three initial objectives, including detailed action plans per priority products and source markets. Finally, a new organisational structure for the CNTB was devised, designed to successfully manage the initiatives and plans developed.

THR delivered a plan to further stimulate the tourism industry.