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Spain | Multi Market Co-Ordination | LATAM Airlines


Interface Spain are responsible for managing the distribution of corporate press releases in all European markets and controlling the ROI generated. One of the most important tasks in multi-market coordination is crisis management. They have set up a structure for emergency management and have monthly meetings to review procedures with the teams to ensure that everyone on the account is properly trained.


Interface Tourism Spain manages the Multi Market o-ordination of LATAM Airlines, Their role consists of: Daily multi-market clipping. Channeling in five markets (Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the United Kingdom) Coordination of press releases in those five markets. Management of requests from journalists and influencers. Supervision of logistics, coverage and secondary components of strategic projects Evaluation of proposals and ranking of more strategic projects



  • 144 – PR value: 1,096,496.05 dollars Germany
  • 222 – PR value: 5,568,037.00 dollars France
  • 1159 – PR value: 14,223,077.35 dollars Spain
  • 325 – PR value: 844,388.10 dollars Italy
  • 342 – PR value: 20,606,011.03 dollars United Kingdom