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Germany | Account Work | Costa Rica


Costa Rica was named in Europe as “The Switzerland of Central America”. This knowledge is its reputation for safety and security as well as beauty. However Costa Rica is an expensive, niche market destination so the aim was to create greater awareness and encourage growth in a sustainable way over the coming years.


In order to reach the long haul-traveller, we needed to force a strong positioning for the country and develop the image to be “the most sustainable travel destination in the world”. Within the described strategy, the main target was to create wide media and consumer reach.


Media relations invested in PR and blogger relations, advertorials and creative media campaigns and consistent work in print, TV, radio and online/ digital and Social Media, we have creating a high impact on the perception of Costa Rica.


We are the press desk for Costa Rica, distribute press releases, organise press and blogger trips as well as press conferences and interviews and we reach out to the media for story pitching.


Collaboration with celebrities: As testimonials send to Costa Rica and let them talk about sustainability and green travel.


Apart from Covid 19, in terms of crisis communication, we dealt with critical topics such as the ZIKA virus, hurricane Otto and volcano eruptions, tourist accidents and aviation incidents.


Reached: 164 million consumers 

PR Value:  11 million euros in Germany with 923 articles.