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France | Trade Education | Brand USA


Due to its size and variety of destinations, many French agents were reporting a lack of knowledge about the 50 states and they couldn’t sell all of it. To keep the destination’s leading position, keep in touch with sales agents and use the varied content produced by the different DMO, Interface Tourism has created and modelled an education ecosystem including monthly webinars, an e-learning program and an incentive program.


Structure an animation plan throughout the year to appeal agents to attend monthly webinars, register to the e-learning program and obtain badges so that they can improve their knowledge and win prizes thanks to a new incentive each month

Launch an e-learning program via multi-channel communication tools such as a partnership with the travel trade media on a monthly basis

Lead one webinar presentation on a monthly basis to educate agents about one itinerary in the USA, 

Invest into top-notch incentives to stand out and make the difference in a competitive environment with many trade e-learning programs: Announce the monthly challenge in advance to engage them and get an increasing number of attendees

Integrate new contacts made through one of the ecosystem’s activities so they can be informed about the other activities offered on the training platform and register.



‘500 registrations to the e-learning program in 6 months

More than 1,000 agents trained in a year