ITG Hosts Inaugural Summit in Valencia

ITG knows that creativity, collaboration and ‘big thinking’ are essential in meeting the challenges facing many destinations and brands. This month ITG cemented its position as a global leader in travel by holding its first international summit.


Working in conjunction with one of the pan-European clients, Visit Valencia, ITG brought together 137 people from 8 European offices. With colleagues hailing from over 25 countries worldwide, it’s clear that ITG captures the power of the tourism industry, bringing together global communities on a local level.


As Europe’s leading travel marketing and communications group, ITG cumulatively offers over 100 years of expertise in the tourism industry and focuses on helping tourism businesses recover and thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. ITG utilised their European-wide knowledge of global tourism to discuss poignant topics affecting destinations, workshopping strategic approaches and analytics tools to futureproof the industry and our clients.


Aiming to create progressive and never-before-seen strategies, topics discussed ranged from the potential impact of cryptocurrency on future tourism, engagement with the Metaverse, how to successfully measure influencer marketing campaigns, and even how to overcome the increasing presence of Flygskam (flight shame).


By formulating these ideas in conjunction with real-time data from Travellyze, and other ITG-owned industry tools, the team is able to create multi-layered and agile client strategies which drastically outperform competitors.


By combining knowledge from different markets in this way, ITG is unrivalled in its innovative approach to the travel and tourism industry.

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