Introduction to Public Relations for Luxury Hospitality – Core Functions and Cases


Luxury hospitality is characterised by the fact that guests experience something special during their stay in a destination. Luxury hospitality therefore creates added value for the guest – these added values can arise in exchange for premium prices, but they do not have to. In addition to the external conditions, the staff also has a special responsibility for the guest’s visit experience. The employee’s talents and skills in dealing with guests are paramount. In luxury hospitality, it is crucial that the strengths of the destination are communicated and presented to visitors in a targeted manner. The entire environment during the stay is tailor-made.



“Today, luxury stands for time that can be spent and shaped in one’s own way and for extraordinary experiences. Luxury has long since become a vehicle for self-awareness and optimisation and serves the individual in the sense of an elevated self on both a material and immaterial level. ‘You are what you experience’ – this is the new credo of demanding consumers.”

This quote from the study “Konsumgenerationen” (“Consumer generations”) shows that the definition and perception of the term luxury in society has changed over time. In the past, luxury was a symbol of wealth, expensive products and, in some respects, immoderate and reckless indulgence. In the 21st century, the term luxury stands for “time at one’s own disposal and creation”. In today’s world, luxury has become a vehicle for self-perception and optimisation and is therefore independent of price. Instead, activities and experiences come to the fore. Vacations in groups, with family, friends and couples are increasing, specific offers for singles are in demand. Also of growing importance is vacationing, also taking into account contemporary factors such as sustainability and environmental protection.



To use the correct PR work for Luxury hospitality, it is of course essential to develop an understanding of today’s perception of luxury, but other factors are also of great importance:

▪ Understanding the culture of the destination and how it is linked to the property

▪ In-depth understanding of the people behind the business

▪ Sharing the values of the brand

▪ Tailor-made PR strategy and activities

▪ No compromises in the selection of media and partners

▪ Feeling for the right story angles

▪ Discovering unique characters

▪ Have an ear to the market, recognise trends in good time