3 out of 10 European Travellers Seek Cultural Experiences on Their Travels

As we move into spring and the weather improves, festivals and open-air concerts start up again across Europe, which lead to an 113% increase in demand for this type of travel experience in April. This increase was supported by the decline in Omicron cases and the Easter holidays.

Travellyze analyses more than 13 million data entries which allows us to know in detail what the cultural traveller is like, how they travel, and what the key destinations of European travellers are.


Market research of the Cultural Traveller from Europe


41% of cultural travellers are between 35 and 54 years old and 4 out of 10 of whom have a vocational education. Half are married compared to 30% who are single, with a household income between €18,000 and €35,999 and an average spend of between €1,000 and €3,000 on their travel.

In addition, 13% of this European target group of travellers state that their budget will be higher than last year.


Where do these segments of travellers get their inspiration for destination choice?


5 out of 10 travellers seeking cultural experiences such as museums, festivals, or concerts during their trips are inspired by metasearch engines such as Google in addition to the experience of their family and friends.

They also consult online travel agency websites, review sites such as Tripadvisor, and social networks such as Instagram and YouTube among other online channels.

During last year, TikTok has boosted with an increase of 81% in the digital inspiration ranking. In the offline ranking, cinema and movies have increased by 66% its influence among this target.


How important are different aspects of a vacation to this segment of travellers?


Cleanliness, Health, hygiene standards and Safety standards/low crime levels are very important factors for Europeans in their travel choices although fine dining and being active (Sport, adventure) has increased its importance by almost 20%.


How does this segment book their travel?


More than half like to travel between May and September and they prefer 3-4* hotels, holiday homes or Budget Hotel/hostels. Farmhouses reached a huge popularity during the last year with an increase of 118%.

What are the different behaviours and actions these travellers have done as part of a holiday?

3 of each 10 have chosen a train or bus over a plane ticket and 18% of them have chosen eco-friendly accommodation despite costing more than a regular one.

If you receive an interesting offer for a holiday to somewhere with a travel alert / warning by your official government travel advisory, would you still travel?

Almost 50% of the target says that they wouldn’t travel if they had some travel alerts.


Destination Image Rank


The top 10 of the countries and destinations with the best image include Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Germany and 4 of them are destinations in Spain with Tarragona at the top of mind.

These reports provide tourist boards with realtime consumer data highlighting the destinations strengths and weaknesses compared to its main competitors, which allows for a targeted strategy to be created.